Cervical Cancer Screening/PAP Smear – Our Providers use a liquid based pap smear screening. Using this method also allows for testing for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA. This additional method of testing ensures protection against the development of cervical cancer in women. All appropriate patients will be evaluated and offered the HPV Vaccine (Gardasil). Please visit for more information.

New ACOG guidelines regarding cervical cancer screening may require less-frequent PAP smears for some women. Please ask our Providers for more information.

Colposcopy – The next step in the evaluation of an abnormal PAP smear is a Colposcopy. Colposcopy is an evaluation of the cervix under magnification resulting in a biopsy of any suspicious areas. This crucial step is necessary to allow the most appropriate treatment to prevent cervical cancer.

Genital Tract Cancers (including ovary) – Yearly pelvic examination, whether or not a woman has a cervix, is necessary to prevent other genital tract cancers including ovarian, uterine, vulvar, and vaginal cancer. Our Providers will utilize pelvic examination in combination with ultrasound and laboratory testing, if needed, to evaluate the genital tract completely.

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