Our Board Certified Physicians perform most Gynecologic surgeries, including Pelvic and Reconstructive surgery.

Pelvic and Reconstructive Surgery – Many women experience a loss of support in the pelvic muscles, resulting in prolapse of the pelvic organs, often leading to incontinence of urine. In case of major Reconstructive Surgery, consultation with another more specialized surgeon may be necessary. Other pelvic surgeries offered include Hysterectomy, Hysteroscopy, Novasure, treatment of Endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Laser Surgery – Laser surgery is restricted to the removal of precancerous lesions on the vulva, vagina or cervix. These surgeries are usually performed at Outpatient Surgery Centers.

Laparoscopy Surgery – Our Physicians perform most laparoscopic surgeries, including Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy. Laparoscopic surgery is performed through a series of small incisions on the abdomen, through which instruments and a video camera are inserted to accomplish the surgery.

STD Screening – Comprehensive sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening is performed at Gex Women’s Care. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine-Gardasil, is provided at our office. See more about this vaccine in the Cancer segment, and in the Educational Resources under “Quick Links” on the Home Page.

Infertility – The infertile couple requires counseling and commitment by both the couple and the Provider. The Infertility work-up and initial treatment can take several months to complete. If Advanced Reproductive Technology is needed, you will be referred to a Reproductive/Endocrinologist for advanced diagnosis and treatment.

Annual Exams – At Gex Women’s Care, we believe a woman should see a gynecologist once a year for Preventative Care. Our Providers follow ACOG Primary Care Screening Guidelines for all age groups.

Family Planning – Most methods of contraception will be provided. Dr. Gex is currently offering and is certified to perform Essure – Hysteroscopic Sterilization. For additional information regarding this procedure, Click Here or read more about this procedure in the Minimally Invasive Office Procedures section in “Our Specialties”.
Our Providers do not do abortions, and does not prescribe Ru-486, or the Morning After Pill.

Treatment of Endometriosis – Our Providers will try to treat endometriosis medically with Lupron injections and oral contraceptives, before offering surgical therapy.

Gex Womens Care, the Best Gynecologist in Las Vegas NV is a licensed health care provider. Contact our offices for an appointment at (702) 366-1268. Please explore our website and feel free to call, e-mail or visit our office, which is located in the Medical Arts Pavilion, right behind St. Rose San Martin Hospital.

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