Menopause – At Gex Women’s Care, menopause is considered a natural event in the life of a woman. Therefore, our Providers use a vast array of measures designed to assist in this transition. These include nutritional and natural remedies, exercise, vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormones and traditional synthetic hormone therapy.

Bladder Problems – During a woman’s lifetime, the stresses of childbirth, infrequent emptying of the bladder, weight and various other forces contribute to a weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor. This combination of events can cause embarrassing leakage of urine. This common problem for women is handled very sensitively at Gex Women’s Care. There is no reason why a woman should not avail herself of the many treatments available for this condition.

Sexual Health – One of the other problems experienced by the mature woman has to do with sexual health. This is treated as one of the natural events of menopause and is addressed with every patient.

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